Julie & Daniel

For Julie and Daniel's engagement session we worked our way through the heart of Devonport. A location picked and themed around the seaside to reflect Daniels navy career. After polishing off a magnificent ice coffee, the four of us were properly acquainted and we got straight into it. The afternoon sun slowly sinking behind the city provided a beautiful glow and painted a very romantic scene, perfect for our photo-shoot.

Shane & Anne Maree

Shane and Anne Maree met in Australia through Shane's travels with the Royal New Zealand Navy, and the naval theme was a big part of their day, including a fun opportunity to photograph the men getting ready with their white uniforms at the Devonport naval base. The ceremony was held at the always-impressive Holy Trinity Church, where we photographed Andrew and Kim last year, a venue we always enjoy shooting in. Afterwards we photographed around the Devonport foreshore and Yacht Club, before heading back to the base with the full bridal party to shoot on the wharves and around the Navy ships. We ended the day with a great dinner at the Esplanade Hotel and very lively speeches from the Navy men especially.