Alexey & Anastasia

Alexey and Anastasia had a nice small wedding with close friends and family, as Anastasia just arrived from Russia. Despite being a cold winter's day, with a little rain floating around, we really enjoyed shooting their wedding, and they were great fun to work with! We covered their ceremony before heading into town for some posed photos in the Domain - heading straight for cover under the gazebo. After some group photos we let the others escape to a warmer location but persisted with Alexey and Anastasia in the cold a bit longer!

We explored around the winter gardens, but being mid-winter, everything was locked up early so we found some spots around the outside for fun and playful shots. With the rain getting heavier and the evening getting darker we relocated into town. Our umbrella came in handy as we took a few photos on High Street, before going to the restaurant where they had a very pleasant fire to warm up by and dry up the rain spots.

Thanks to Alexey, and Anastasia in particular, for braving the cold and making this a really enjoyable shoot!