Every photographer has their own unique vision, style and approach to photography. We have broken down a couple of our working habits and described how we go about our craft. Also included is some behind the scenes material of us in action. 


We spend as much time as possible on the 'creative' elements of the day, which would typically be the bride 'getting ready', and the directed images of the bride and groom after the ceremony. Of course we make every effort to document the whole day thoroughly, but these two periods are the most creatively rewarding, giving us opportunities to play and create something interesting and memorable for you.


We will work with you to choose a great location for the directed images after the ceremony - we always do our own location scouting if we don't know the area, or if you want a particular look - and we also like to know if there are any areas of special meaning for you which could be incorporated. While we enjoy using traditional beach and park settings, if time allows and you are open to the idea, we love alternative and modern settings as well.


As well as the directed and ceremony shots, we make a special effort to capture candid moments of you and your guests throughout the day. Sometimes these pictures can be the most appreciated, as you remember all the people who attended, and see unguarded affection and smiles.


We love creating a mix of colour and black and white images, which adds extra variety, and also a timeless look to these shots. We typically deliver around 25% of the shots in b&w, with the rest in colour. We like to create a colour expression to suit the day, location and weather in our images - the ceremony and reception images will usually be edited in quite natural tones, but we allow ourselves a bit more creative leeway for the rest.


We will deliver all of your photos colour corrected and edited, with minor touch ups where appropriate. We can also provide a full beauty retouching service by request, but this work is not included in the package price.